• The architect behind the new Grand Hotel Quellenhof

    From the pen of Claudio Carbone comes the concept of the new Quellenhof Interior which is currently being rebuilt for 45 million francs.

  • Hotel Ferienart Resort & Spa Saas Fee

    New alpin style for the Ferienart Saas Fee. Carbone Interior Design let the Hotel shine in a new identity.

  • VLog Episode 5 – Interior Design | Construction Report Widenmoos 2018

    Remarks by Claudio Carbone to the concept and new construction of the leading business club in the german-speaking part of Switzerland; the Widenmoos.

  • Quellenhof Bad Ragaz – An ingenious reinterpretation with a clear reference to the history of the building

    In 2019, on the exact day of its 150th anniversary, the Grand Hotel Bad Ragaz will shine in new splendor. The exciting history of the building will be reinterpreted by Carbone in a style ranging from antique to hypermodern.

  • The first “Heidi” Family Spa in Switzerland

    Claudio Carbone is designing an outstanding luxury Family Spa for Kids up to 16 years.

  • Complete renovation for the “GRANDE DAME” Bad Ragaz

    The Grandhotel Quellenhof, built in 1869, will be reopened to it’s 150 year jubilee. Responsible for the complete renovation is Carbone Interior Design AG.

  • Lounge Interview

    Claudio Carbone on bland uniformity, creativity and the promotion of talent. Claudio Carbone responds to the questions in an interview with Dolores Reinhardt-Scheurer, member of the board of the association Next Generation – Classic Festival Bad Ragaz.

  • Carbone on Aeschbacher

    What do you do when you are invited to do an interview with Kurt Aeschbacher, the least stiff-necked talk-show host on Swiss television in decades? Best answer: don’t think about it for too long, go on the show and speak freely and candidly. As simple as that! You can watch the results.

  • ‘Many Hotels are Bad Copies’

    Interview with Claudio Carbone. From Hotelier – the Swiss magazine for the hotel and dining trade. An appeal for more courage and independence in hotel design, against bland uniformity and for more forms of individual expression in hotels’ own interior design.

  • 600-m2 Apartment

    The Mobimo Tower, a box seat high over the roofs of Zurich, made headlines. The elegant ambience of our model flats helped ensure that “urban luxury of a high order” became the standard here.